Omega -3 Eggs

Omega -3 Eggs

We have hens that are fed with feed containing extra flax (up to 10-20{d1175584506225 ca7b2e9bdee7548edd014 3aeadc6bf63 775f72f6d9577c26a1}). As a result, the eggs laid by these hens contain more Omega-3 fatty acids.


Quality:Class A
-Medium Size,50g – 55g
-Large Size,55g – 60g
-X-Large Size
-Jumbo Size


We deliver nationwide.
30 Eggs in One Tray,
12 Trays in One Carton,
We Also Have The Following Packaging
Egg Cartons. 231 x 6 egg
Egg Cartons, 100 x 6 egg boxes
Egg Cartons, 20 x 6 egg boxes.
Egg Cartons, 146 x 6 egg boxes.
Egg Cartons, 292 x 6 egg boxes.
Egg Cartons, 462 x 6 egg boxes
Should you want this packaging, just tell us the sizes you want and I will confirm the prices per carton.

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