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I was one of the participants that took part in the work and travel program. This was my first time and my agent was Career Source International. At first I must say I was a bit hesitant being that it was my first time and I didn’t know what to expect. The overseas sponsor was in contact with me and I was picked up by them at the airport. They found somewhere for me to stay for the night and then in the morning I was on my way to my work place. I was picked up at the bus stop by my employer and then I was brought to the house that I would be staying. I was so eager to work I told them I wanted to start the same day. For the first couple of weeks I was really sad because I missed my family. The employer realized that and they tried everything to make me happy. I was working at this Indian restaurant Tandoor of India in Rochester, New York. After a while I got comfortable being there and got attached to the employer because they told me that I am family. They started to teach me a few of their languages which was called Punjabi and it was fun. Everyone there made me feel like family and they didn’t make me feel left out. What I must say is that the food was awesome. I ate like so much which they didn’t stop me from eating what I wanted to eat. I learnt a lot of their dishes and my favourite was their tea which was called Chai tea. Before we started off dinner we all had to drink the tea before we started working. Being there I meet so many nice customers they were great to me and made me feel welcome. When I realized it was almost time for me to leave I was very sad and I didn’t want to leave these nice people. My customers gave me presents and my employer kept a send off party for me it was great. We took pictures and when I realized I was really leaving I start crying. My experience was exceptional and I just want to say thanks to Career Source International and their overseas sponsor for giving me such great experience. The sponsors were always checking up on me to make sure I was fine and found out how I was progressing. It was a great opportunity and I am certainly looking forward for an exceptional time next summer. Thanks again in advance Career Source International and your overseas sponsor. Best time of my life!

CSI Participant
June 20, 2016

This is a great website…loveit 🙂

Super User
June 20, 2016

C.S.I, looking good! Definitely enjoyed every minute on the program when I went in summer 2011. I learnt a lot and made some new friends who I am still in contact with and will definitely be looking to go back this summer for more experience. Thanks again for making it possible for me to view the U.S.

The One and Only
June 20, 2016


June 20, 2016

I was very wary when i was introduced to CSI not hearing about them before, however after my first visit to their office my thinking changed, the young persons that I met are professionals, they know what they are about , they do every thing they promised . Keep up you good work guys and I wish you success in your business, I will introduce all my friends to CSI, CSI,” you are the best among the rest”

June 20, 2016

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