Mission Statement

A company is as good as the promises it keeps, thus 876Career Source International not only keeps, but delivers. Our Mission is to uniquely provide successful Summer Work and Travel Cultural Exchange program experiences for participants, whilst they receive gainful and global employment, as we aim to provide talented and qualified students to dignified host companies. A spectacular difference in the way persons work and travel, not only for the summer, but creating networks that work for the future. “You need…we seek, you propose…we meet. Unique programs we offer…service like no other”.


With our energetic team sharing a common goal, whilst thriving on creative and innovative concepts, we tend to embrace our journey, as we set out to become the leading Summer Work and Travel Cultural Exchange program recruitment and placement firm in Jamaica. “We Can…and We Will”


  • To serve our participants with passion.
  • To continuously have the inner drive and being forever committed.
  • To offer excellent Cultural Exchange successful experience.
  • To move ahead in becoming the leading Cultural Exchange agency in Jamaica.
  • To provide unforgettable cultural experience.
  • To foster the exchange of ideas between Americans and Jamaican nationals.
  • To stimulate international collaborative teaching.
  • To provide cultural exchange programs designed to provide practical training.
  • To produce creative and innovative concepts.

Board of Executives