Host companies will experience many benefits such as saving time and money, improving work environment by employing motivated multilingual staff, becoming a part of a cultural exchange program that has changed the lives of many for the better and also be exposed to various other cultures in the world.
Due to 876Career Source International intentions of building a sustainable reputation and relationships with overseas partners, Government entities, as well as hosts companies, ensuring thorough recruitment and screening of the participants interested to come to the U.S. to gain valuable skills and experience with the host companies is inevitable and pertinent.
Host companies interested, kindly feel free to Contact us to let us know how best we can assist you with your temporary staff needs. Our international experience and broad partner list enables us to meet your requests soon and to the point. If there is something you require that we cannot provide immediately, we will do our best to fulfill your request quickly and reliably.

C.S.I’s Step-by-Step Recruitment Process:

  • Select a Program – There are several programs used to bring international workers to the U.S. The best one for you depends on several factors, including: the nature of the job, the number of workers required, when they are needed, and how long they will stay.
  • Recruiting and Screening Prospective Employees – Finding the right international workers for your company requires detailed job descriptions and clearly defined hiring criteria. Potential employees need to know what to expect when working for you. Additionally the host needs to know that the employees are qualified to do the job. C.S.I is experienced at screening qualified workers from Jamaica. Although we cannot guarantee the performance of every worker, we can promise that we will do our best to put the right people in your jobs, and that we will be there to provide both you and the workers with support throughout the time they spend with your company.
  • Bringing Your Employees to the U.S. – Once your workers have been offered a position, they need assistance with obtaining their visas and arranging their travel to the United States. Proper preparation is the key to success in the visa application process. We use information received from the Consulate to keep your prospective employees abreast as best as possible in preparation for the visa application process.
  • Integrating Workers into Your Company – When the international workers arrive it is important to provide them with a thorough orientation that not only introduces them to your company and their jobs, but provides them with information on the area where they will be living and how to accomplish basic tasks like traveling to and from work, opening a bank account, and finding the best deals on groceries and other necessities. Your international workers are not the only people who will need an orientation. Your existing staff should be prepared for dealing with international workers. Cultural sensitivity, favoritism, and basic communication are all issues that should be addressed to ensure the best productivity from your international workers. Our team of recruitment specialists has years of experience in dealing with internationally integrated workplaces. We will provide you with tips and techniques that not only deal with international workers in general, but we will offer you specific information on dealing with the culture of your specific workers. We will be there to help you meet any challenges in dealing with your workers and to make the experience shared by all of you a positive one.